15 Terrible Advice for Devops ❌😵

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🧨 Uncover the 15 most disastrous DevOps blunders that could send your projects off the rails. From cryptic comments to HTML mishaps, explore these misguided tips and ensure your DevOps journey stays on track

Introduction 🗽

In the vast sea of valuable advice for DevOps professionals, there exists a dark abyss of terrible recommendations that can lead to chaos, frustration, and wasted time. While the DevOps philosophy revolves around collaboration, efficiency, and continuous improvement, some suggestions are sure to wreak havoc on your projects and relationships. Brace yourselves for a journey into the realm of misguided counsel, as we explore 15 terrible pieces of DevOps advice that you should unequivocally avoid.

🚫 PR Dominance Delusion

Show your DevOps prowess by micromanaging pull requests. Request endless tweaks and changes, regardless of their impact. After all, why focus on collaboration when you can rule over requests with an iron fist?

📭 Empty Commit Mystification

Who needs clear commit messages? Opt for empty commits to leave colleagues scratching their heads. Adding a touch of mystique to your code changes is the key to keeping everyone on their toes.

🔮 Magic Metrics Misdirection

Embrace the mystical world of magic metrics, leaving your team bewildered by the cryptic values you embed within your systems. Watch them struggle to decipher the hidden insights that only you can see.

↩️ Return Riddle Maze

Turn your code into an intricate labyrinth by scattering return statements without rhyme or reason. Sit back and enjoy as your fellow DevOps explorers navigate the confusing landscape of function exits.

🧪 TypeScript Taboo

Shun type safety and embrace the chaos of ‘any’ type. Who needs well-defined structures when you can venture into the unpredictable world of untyped variables? It’s DevOps, after all — live dangerously!

🔄 Equality Enigma: The ‘==’ Dilemma

Forego strict comparisons and opt for the ambiguity of ‘==’ instead of ‘===’ in your DevOps scripts. Because sometimes, it’s just more exciting not to be entirely sure what you’re comparing.

📝 Cryptic Configuration Comments

Confound your colleagues with cryptic comments that provide no real insight into your configuration files. Let them marvel at your ability to inject confusion even into the simplest of setups.

🧵 Shared State Snarl

Pass shared state through an intricate web of components, creating a tapestry of confusion. Why have clear data flow when you can have an enigmatic network of dependencies?

🌍 Global Chaos State

Embrace global state turmoil, transforming your applications into an arena of unexpected changes and unforeseeable consequences. DevOps is all about surprises, right?

🏛️ Epic Monolithic DevOps

Embrace monolithic practices and bundle everything together. Who needs compartmentalization and efficiency when you can have a tangled mess of intertwined services and processes?

🚫 Anti-Linter Revolution

Rebel against the linter’s quest for consistency. Embrace chaos and errors, for they are the heart and soul of true DevOps innovation. After all, rules were meant to be broken.

🧩 Configuration Complexity Conundrum

Inject complexity into your configuration management, ensuring that no one can decipher the purpose of your setup. After all, who needs clarity when you can have an enigmatic puzzle?

🧪 Test Tumult

Craft tests that are as unpredictable as they are unreliable. Let your testing suite be a playground of surprises, reflecting the unpredictable nature of the DevOps universe.

🙈 Trust the Unknown: Chaos as Companion

Throw caution to the wind and trust every component, every process, every variable. Embrace the chaos and watch your DevOps environment become a symphony of unpredictability.

Conclusion 💭

While these satirical points serve to highlight misguided advice, successful DevOps relies on collaboration, consistency, and the pursuit of operational excellence. 🛠️

The world of DevOps is built on principles of collaboration, efficiency, and best practices, it’s essential to recognize and reject the pitfalls of terrible advice that can lead you astray. By avoiding these 15 pieces of terrible advice, you’ll pave the way for a smoother, more successful DevOps journey. Remember, the goal is not to ruin projects and relationships, but to cultivate a culture of growth, improvement, and professionalism.

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